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Compliance with codes and regulations is the minimum requirement for Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, Building Owners and Developers.  Lives and property deserve the best protection that technology can provide, at a reasonable cost. A systems based approach to fire protection provides reliable protection that reduces maintenance costs and often exceeds minimum code requirements

SafeMark, LLC provides quality consulting in the following areas:

Fire and Emergency Pre-Plans
Description of occupancy and building construction, fire protection features, fire department response, environmental factors, interagency assistance, exiting procedures, and identification of a media spokes person.

Fire safety surveys, life safety surveys including egress feature evaluation, and disabled access (ADA) evaluation.

Document Review
Analysis of drawings and specifications to determine conformance with fire codes and standards.

Code Analysis 
Review of building codes and national fire codes and standards to establish design requirements for a project.

Multi-discipline Coordination
Review of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil disciplines for conformance with fire safety objectives.

Fire Hazards Analysis
Detailed analysis of building or facility fire protection features and hazards resulting in findings and conclusions. Analsis may include fire/smoke modeling using CFAST or Fire Dynamic Tools (NUREG 1805) Conclusions are then acted upon in order to meet strategic fire protection objectives.

Fire Protection Systems Design
Drawings, specifications, cost estimates, construction phase services, inspections, procurement, and scheduling for the following systems:

Suppression System Design
Automatic sprinkler systems (wet, dry, pre-action, and on-off), gaseous systems (carbon dioxide, halon, and replacement gasses), foam systems (AFFF, high expansion), chemical systems, and water supplies.

Fire Alarm System Design
Detection, Air Sampling Systems, Voice Evacuation, and Occupant Notification (speakers, horns and strobes).

Smoke Management System Design
Stair pressurization and area smoke management. Fire/smoke modeling using CONTAM, CFAST and FPE Tools.

Functional Testing
Commissioning or performance testing of fire suppression, fire alarm, fire detection, voice evacuation, smoke management, and water supply systems.

Code Authority Negotiations
Timely and informed communication with code authorities concerning fire protection code requirements for buildings or projects.