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The safety and security of lives and property is the goal of every designer, developer, property owner and property manager.  No one can eliminate every conceivable threat, but reasonable steps can be taken to eliminate weaknesses, raise awareness, and plan a reasonable course of emergency action.

An integrated systems approach to security which utilizes features of the built environment (sight lines, point and space relationships, and natural barriers) will maximize system performance while minimizing initial and life-time costs.

SafeMark, LLC provides the following quality services:

Document Review & Multi-discipline Coordination
Analysis of drawings and specifications including review of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil disciplines to determine conformance with security objectives.

Security Systems Design
Drawings, specifications, cost estimates, construction phase services, inspections, procurement, and scheduling for the following systems:

Controlled Access Systems
Perimeter protection systems, closed circuit television systems, PA/intercom systems, security hardware, keying, locking control systems, barriers, attack and blast resistant glazings, and lighting systems.

Site assessments including threat and vulnerability assessment.  Asset definition.

Functional Testing
Commissioning or performance testing of controlled access, perimeter protection, closed circuit television, and PA/intercom systems.